Plenary Session

Plenary Videos on E380


Secretary of Commerce

Talking about tripling warning lead time (15 minutes)!

Geoplanner for ArcGIS (New App)

Late Morning

Port of Rotterdam Demo

New Apps

  • ArcGIS Explorer
    • ArcGIS Explorer for MAC!
    • Ability to do presentations – This has been a feature for awhile!
    • Now on iPhone, iPad, & Mac
    • Coming soon on Android & Windows
  • Microsoft Office Plug in
  • Collector for ArcGIS
    • Preload data
    • Specify apps to download
    • Begin collection
    • New Popup
    • Ability to select sync
  • Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS
    • NEW: Javascript version in a web browser
  • Briefing Book
  • WebApp Builder for ArcGIS
    • Built on HTML 5 & JS, so quick & snappy
    • Custom Widgets

ArcMAP – Geoenrichment Services

Starbucks Demo

ArcGIS Online

Hotspot Analysis Demos


  • New Datasets
  • Geo enrichment – An online service for appending map data to your data
  • Web AppBuilder – Build Ready-to-use Apps online with no coding knowledge
    • This has been out for a few months, but not pushed “public” yet
  • Interoperability – “Coming”

10.3 Desktop

ArcGIS Desktop 10.3

  • Improved: Quality, Performance, Cartography, Analytics, Image Processing, Security
  • More: Intuitive, fast (64 bit), 2D/3D, Create Web Maps, Tasks

ArcGIS Pro

  • 2D/3D; A lot more functionality than ArcScene; Realtime QA/QC;


Improved UX, Mapping, Analytics, Management, Security

Server 10.3

* New: Portal (included), custom roles, 3d services, realtime services
* Improved: Scability & Quality, Auth (SAML), AD Support


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