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I started developing this application in December of 2013, in preparation for a major winter storm that was going to impact Iowa. I had previously tried to another application like this off of the ground, but didn’t really put much time and effort into it, as I didn’t have very much time to develop it out and market it. Now that I’m majoring in GIS in college, I have more time on my hands to build out a pretty cool application. It is my hope to expand this to the whole entire midwest (and eventually even the whole US – Still pondering this).

Update Log

12/20/2013 – Launched Web Application
12/21/2013 – Added ND DOT Road Conditions

Future Requested Features

  • Automated Reporting Networks (AWOS/RWIS/KCCI/Other Media)
    • Live Site Data
    • Webcams
  • GOES Satellite Data