Winter Operations on TV
This was one of my most exciting projects that I have done with GIS. My goal was to create an API or data feed that would allow TV stations to pull and display authoritative data for the public within their on-air weather software. TV stations were already receiving winter road conditions through a partnership that the Iowa DOT has with the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, however we wanted to be able to control the look of how TV stations display it on air and in any infographics that they share. I utilized FME Server's data streaming service to create an API that returns a customized KML (roads can be lines that are thick or thin, or buffered polygons). Additionally we took it one step further and added snowplows and snowplow cam photos (for Iowa and Minnesota) as available KMLs that can be requested through the API.
Project Details
GIS, ArcMap, FME Desktop, FME Server
Iowa Department of Transportation
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