GIS-T 2015

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20 Apr 2015

Kayla Mueller

For those who haven’t heard about Kayla Mueller, she was a 26 year old American Humanitarian who helped others. On August 3, 2013, a technician sent by a company contracted by MSF arrived at one of the organization’s structures in Aleppo, Syria, to perform repairs. Unbeknownst to the MSF team, Kayla, a friend of the

11 Feb 2015

A Summer at Iowa DOT

This summer I interned at the Iowa DOT and did some pretty awesome things. Learned GeoMedia and Worked with Oracle Databases Worked with ArcGIS Server I designed & helped to deploy a new external ArcGIS server architecture (anonymous & authenticated portals) Updated Publishing Standards Designed FME Workflows and published them to FME Server Parsing 511 events data from

14 Oct 2014

Designing an Enterprise GIS Security Strategy

15 Jul 2014

Plenary Session

Plenary Videos on E380 Afternoon Secretary of Commerce Talking about tripling warning lead time (15 minutes)! Geoplanner for ArcGIS (New App) Late Morning Port of Rotterdam Demo 4 hours for a ship to navigate this space, w/ships 4-6 ships coming/going every minute #EsriUC — Dawn Wright (@deepseadawn) July 14, 2014 New Apps ArcGIS Explorer

14 Jul 2014

Fulcrum vs ArcGIS Collector

I’ve been asked to put Fulcrum and ArcGIS Collector in a head-to-head comparison. This blog post shows, explains, and compares pros and cons of each application and provides some considerations prior to selecting a mobile application.

13 Jul 2014

2014 esri UC Powerpoint

23 Jun 2014

FIRST Robotics Scouting

I developed the backend data entry sheets for a scouting system that my team used last year that was super accurate. View the sheets here & make a copy if you would like to use them for your own teams.

14 Mar 2014

12/7 Robotics Update

I was excited to meet with the coach of Radical Tech and the Dean of the Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics, and Computing to talk about sponsorships last Thursday. The Dean spoke very positively for his support of FIRST at the Academy, so I was very happy about that. I’m looking forward to the upcoming

08 Dec 2013


Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! This past year has been absolutely AMAZING and one I will always remember. I’ll be writing more about this during winter break leading up to new years day. Anyway, some of the things that I’m VERY thankful for (and will be writing about more) is my time as a

28 Nov 2013